Footnotes to the ARL Annual Salary Survey, 2009–2010 · 111
Includes the Arts and Sciences Libraries, Music Library, Special Collections (Archives, Poetry, and Rare Books).
Excludes temporary hires, employees at the SL-2 salary level, and classified staff.
Includes the Main campus library, Science and Technology library, Geology Library, Law Library, and the Math Library.
Includes: Paley Library; Science, Engineering & Architecture Library; Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection; Ambler Campus
Main Library minimum beginning professional salary of $44,044 is based on an 11-month contract. The minimum for a 10-month contract
is $40,150.
Main (University of Tennessee) Library, Memphis Health Sciences Library, and Knoxville Hospital Preston Medical Library are included.
The Memphis Health Sciences Library has a 4-rank salary structure and the Knoxville Hospital has a 3-rank structure.
Beginning salary for Memphis Hospital is $45,000 and $38,000 for Knoxville Hospital.
Figures are as of August 31, 2009. Included are the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, Tarlton Law Library, the Harry Ransom
Humanities Research Center, and the University of Texas Libraries.
The following libraries are included: Sterling C. Evans Library, Library Annex, Cushing Memorial Library, Technical Reference Center
(Architecture Library), Medical Sciences Library, West Campus Library, Policy Sciences and Economics Library, Jack K. Williams Library
(Galveston), and the Texas A&M University Library at Qatar.
The 1’s (Lecturers) and 2’s (Senior Lecturers) in our rank structure are non-tenured track appointments with a different salary schedule
than our tenure track employees (3 - Assistant Professor, 4 - Associate Professor, 5 - Professor). 9’s are Library professionals that work in
specialized areas and have a different salary structure than either the tenured or non-tenured appointments.
The Law Library reports 4 levels in their rank structure and the Health Sciences Library reports 5 levels in their rank structure.
Figures reported are as of 09/01/2009.
The proposed July 01, 2009 across-the-board pay increase has not yet been finalized.
Salary increases reflect movement within the rank structure (e.g., promotions).
Includes the Main Library, Eccles Health Sciences Library, and the Quinney Law Library.
The Spencer S. Eccles Library is the main medical library. It is not a branch library reporting to Marriott Library. The medical library reports
directly to the VP of Health at the University of Utah.
The data submitted includes the Central Library, Divinity Library, Peabody Library, Management Library, Science & Engineering Library,
Special Collections and University Archives, centralized Technical Services, Library Information Technology Services, Law Library, Health
Sciences Library, Library Administration, and the Television News Archive.
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