106 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2009–2010 The Main and Medical libraries data is reported separately for this survey, but the systems were integrated in 2009, and now all libraries, with the exception of Law, report through the Dean of University Libraries. For the purpose of this survey, Main and Medical libraries both have 7 rank levels. FLORIDA STATE The Allen Music Library, Goldstein College of Information Library are included with the main, law, and medical libraries in this report. Panama City, Florida Branch, and the Sarasota Ringling branch libraries are not included. We have a six-level rank system: 0- Dean 1- Assistant Instructor 2- Associate Instructor 3- Instruction librarian 4- Assistant Librarian 5- Associate Librarian 6- University Librarian. GEORGETOWN Lauinger Library (Main), Woodstock Theological Library, Blommer Science Library, and the Bio-ethics Library are all included in this submission. GEORGIA Libraries included: Main Library, Science Library, Map Library, Student Learning Center Library, Curriculum Learning Center Library, several reading rooms, and experimental station libraries located throughout the State of Georgia. The University of Georgia Law Library uses 9 levels in its rank structure. GUELPH The following main libraries are included: McLaughlin Library, and the OVC Learning Commons/Library. Branch Campus libraries included: Guelph Humber Learning Commons/Library and the Ridgetown Campus Library. All salary values were reported in Canadian Dollars ($CAD). Individual rank data have been included only for professional librarians. Rank structure as follows: Library Director assigned rank = 0 Assistant Librarian assigned rank = 1 Associate Librarian assigned rank = 2 Librarian assigned rank = 3 Non-librarian professionals assigned rank = 9. HARVARD Includes the Law and Medical libraries as well as the Villa i Tatti and the Hellenic Center Libraries. Excludes the Bilioteca Berenson (Florence, Italy) and the Dunbarton Oaks Research Libraries (Washington, DC). Harvard uses a 9-step rank structure. The salaries for Head of the Medical and Law libraries do not include compensation for the research and professorial duties of this position, yet they are considered full time. HAWAII Includes the Hamilton, Sinclair Libraries, and the Law library. Both the Law Library and the Health Sciences Library are independent from the main university library and the directors report to their respective deans (Law and Medicine). HOUSTON The following are included: M.D. Anderson Library, Architecture and Art Library, Music Library, Weston A. Pettey Optometry Library, and the Pharmacy Library. HOWARD Founders Library and associated branches, including both the Law and the Louis Stokes Library (Health Sciences).
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