47 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Use Analytics: Monitor and record how often data are viewed, requested, and/or downloaded. Track
and report reuse metrics, such as data citations and impact measures for the data over time.
32. Please indicate your institution’s level of support for these data curation access activities on a
scale of 1 to 5 where 1=currently providing; 2=will provide in the near future; 3=would like to
provide, but unable to at this time; 4=no interest/desire to provide; 5=unsure. N=48
Activity 1 2 3 4 5
File download 42 1 3 1 1
Terms of Use 36 6 3 1 2
Discovery Services 35 3 8 0 2
Embargo 35 4 6 1 2
Use Analytics 32 6 8 1 1
Data Citation 30 7 9 1 1
Metadata Brokerage 30 4 11 0 3
Restricted Access 24 4 9 7 4
Full-Text Indexing 21 1 15 5 6
Contact Information 18 3 13 9 4
Data Visualization 14 4 20 6 4
# of respondents 43 17 35 18 13
Comments N=10
Current platform analytics has limited capability and functionality at this time.
For Contact Information, we require this from depositors and verify it upon deposit, but we do not go
back and check that it is still valid at a later date.
Full-text indexing is available on PDF files and any metadata only.
Most of the above is for libraries collections.
Terms of use are in review by the university counsel’s office.
Terms of use provided when known and specified by the depositor.
Use analytics only include data viewed and download totals.
We are a part of SHARE.
We are currently reviewing and revising our terms and conditions with the goal of simplifying them
and perhaps converging on a Creative Commons license instead.
We require one author to be designated as the corresponding author for each dataset, however, we
have no ability to update this information if the person leaves the university or otherwise declines
to update their contact information in the repository. We provide limited full-text indexing with
various approaches for enhancing how the content of datasets can be leveraged to improve findability,
thumbnails, snippets, etc.
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