24 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Ruby on Rails app that integrates directly with our preservation system.
The local institutional repository is DSpace. The shared system-wide data repository (DASH)
is a custom middleware interface that allows researchers to deposit to the CDL Merritt
preservation repository.
We host some faculty-created datasets with custom interfaces on virtual machines for specific uses.
10. How many new data sets does your data repository service receive each month, on average? N=41
Number of new data sets N
0 6
1 11
1 14
2–10 7
10 3
11. How many new data sets receive data curation services each month, on average? N=41
Number of curated data sets N
0 9
1 10
1 13
2–10 7
10 2
Figure 12. Comparison of new data sets received each month and data sets curated each month
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