37 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Five is mandated by the university, our policy goes up to seven, but we are willing to preserve
indefinitely, as well as follow the policies prescribed by granting agencies.
It’s free for 1 TB “indefinitely.” Above 1 TB, we have a separate price structure for 5-year preservation
vs. indefinite preservation per TB.
NARA preserves its accessioned holdings “for the life of the republic.”
Originally data in the repository was scheduled to be preserved indefinitely. However, that has been
revised to the “useful life of the data.”
Our internal preservation policy/system assures 10 years of preservation before assessment for
continued archiving. The content that we place into the Digital Preservation Network is assured a 20+
year preservation life.
Preserved indefinitely.
PURR is a university core research facility that is jointly managed by the library, IT, and research office
with a budget and commitment to maintaining access to data for a minimum of 10 years. At the end
of 10 years, data are remanded to the library and managed under its collection development policies
and practices. The library has a policy and framework for making selection decisions at the end of this
initial commitment with the intention of treating data as we treat our other unique collections, which is
to say, preservation and access much longer into the future beyond the initial 10 years.
The current policy is to preserve the data for five years past the life of a grant. If preservation action is
necessary during this time frame, we would conduct it.
“The repository guarantees archival and long-term access” but no specific retention schedule
is provided.
This is a difficult question since right now all documents are thought to be “forever” but those digital
assets (datasets) have not had a policy defined as to how long.
This is not a defined term, rather, it is subject to the library’s own collection policy and/or specific
requirements of the funding/program for which the data were created.
We are re-visiting this policy [indefinitely].
We commit to 10 years and then a review. However, we anticipate holding the data for much longer.
We commit to preserve some curated data as long as possible. Our preservation policy outlines specific
levels of commitment.
We do not currently specify the number of years.
We make no specific time commitment, but use the phrase “committed to preserving the binary form of
the digital object.”
We promise a minimum of five years, no matter the state of the dataset.
We will keep the data until the research requests it removal.
We’ve implemented a retention period of five years. This means that at the end of five years after
deposit the data will be reviewed and a determination will be made to continue to preserve or remove
data. This decision is made in cooperation with the researcher(s).
Will preserve longer [than 20 years] if funding allows.
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