39 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Please specify the other schema. N=10
Dublin Core
Dublin Core. We are not using PREMIS to record preservation events at the moment. It is a goal.
NARA uses the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) to preserve its archival electronic records holdings.
ERA has a metadata schema known as the ACE.
Not sure
Not sure which schema is used by host Dataverse.
Rosetta DNX, based on PREMIS
We also use FGDC and can accommodate specific standards if the loss of information is too great with
the mapping to MODS.
Work underway to standardize.
27. How are you backing up the data sets currently curated? Check all that apply. N=35
Cloud Services (AWS, DropBox, Box, Duraspace, etc.) 10 29%
DPN 6 17%
Local LOCKSS 2 6%
Portico 0
Other service 24 69%
Please briefly describe the other service. N=22
British Columbia cloud service (EduCloud)
Campus IT
Currently, an ISILON storage system, duplicated across two locations, with a 3rd tape backup offsite.
Looking into integration with AWS.
Custom blend of onsite and offsite storage, including services from Comvault, datasafe, and
Iron Mountain.
Data-PASS partners per Dataverse
In addition to MetaArchive, we utilize RAID, UPS, temperature-monitoring software, anti-virus, and
auditing and hardening software, as well as multiple layers of backup: Bacula for daily incremental,
weekly differential, and monthly full local backups; Dirvish for daily snapshots that are stored in a
different data center; and twice-yearly full system dumps to tape using Symantec NetBackup. This is
documented internally in our disaster recovery plan.
IRODS to manage replication and backup with three copies of each file, including one tape storage.
Local and remote disk-to-disk back up.
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