34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
NARA uses a variety of tools developed in house and procured to support the content and format
verification of born-digital records. These include the Archival Electronic Records Inspection and
Control (AERIC) utility for structured data and structured text files.
OpenRefine, bulkRenameit, xml editor, Fixity is built into the system
PRONOM/DROID, custom python code
The Merritt preservation repository is controlled centrally by CDL. They make use of several tools
listed above. CDL created BagIt.
We also have custom import tools we’ve built.
Comments N=6
Future service offerings likely to include Bitcurator.
Metadata support for research data is through consultation. Our special collection team does use above
tools, but not for research data.
Our archives use BitCurator, but we haven’t yet used it for data curation work.
The checked items are used in the context of library digitization/digital collection, not for
research datasets.
The Dataverse software does the MD5 checksum, on deposit.
We use Bitcurator for content going into Archivematica, but not the repository.
22. How does your service provide persistent identifiers for data? Check all that apply. N=44
Handles 26 59%
Datacite DOIs 25 57%
Crossref DOIs 9 21%
PURLs 5 11%
ARKs 4 9%
Other identifier 4 9%
Please specify the other identifier. N=4
Dataverse DOI
EZID to create DOIs; we also support persistent URLs but they’re not PURLs or Handles.
We have a URL policy for the university digital library.
We just got Crossref DOIs, so we can issue them but have not done this yet.
Comments N=13
Datasets in Zenodo have DOIs by Zenodo.
DOI’s currently offered, but only issued upon request, and point to the Handle URL. Handles are issued
for all IR content.
Our hosted Dataverse originally used Handles, but now uses DataCite DOIs.
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