17 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Year N
2007 1
2008 3
2009 3
2010 4
2011 4
2012 7
2013 2
2014 4
2015 6
2016 6
2017 2
3. Who may take advantage of your data curation services? N=51
Only researchers affiliated with our institution 41 80%
Any researcher regardless of affiliation 10 20%
Comments N=18
Only affiliated researchers N=12
Also researchers who partner with multi-institutional data projects in which our
institution participates.
Non-affiliated researchers may deposit materials in CurateND in conjunction with collaborators
affiliated with Notre Dame.
Researchers here include faculty and students (such as graduate students) working on projects. These
projects are primarily grant funded but don’t have to be. We encourage researchers to deposit their data
in the appropriate subject repository. If one is not available, then we offer our research data archive.
Researchers with collaborations with Illinois researchers may also contact us.
Some services, such as PURR, are available to Purdue researchers and collaborators whom they invite
from other institutions.
The institutional repository (IR) was established in 2004; librarians assist depositors in preparing
the metadata for their submissions. Full research data curation services (working with incipient,
ongoing, and legacy projects and data) commenced in 2014 with a CLIR/DLF postdoctoral fellow for
data curation.
These services were offered exclusively for the Social Science Department until 2012.
This may change provided the outcome of an NSF MRI proposal recently submitted.
Very early stage of providing these services.
We began a formalized data curation program in fall 2016, with the appointment of our data curation
librarian. However, we have been providing services on a more informal, ad-hoc basis prior to that,
which accounts for some dates prior to 2016 later in the survey.
We include students as well as faculty in “researchers.”
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