30 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We would consider doing this but have not been asked.
We would, but no one has asked us to.
We’d be happy to provide this service, but haven’t really gotten demand for it.
We’re interested in exploring options for researchers who want to use them.
18. Does your data curation service support private or sensitive data? N=50
Yes 21 42%
No 29 58%
Answered Yes N=15
Dataverse yes; Islandora no
Library will consult on datasets with these characteristics.
Mostly via DMP consultation on how to handle private data.
NARA accessions records exempt from disclosure under the provisions of the Freedom of Information
Act, including National Security Classified data.
Not encrypted. Administrators currently have access to all items.
Only in a consultational capacity, and only in selected cases.
Private, yes (we can do embargoes and restrict access), but not sensitive data. The repository does not
encrypt data (not HIPAA-compliant).
We collaborated with compliance officers on our campus to establish workflows for sensitive and
restricted data, addressing IRB, HIPPA, FERPA, and government and export controlled data.
Our service is currently undergoing a formal RQA (research quality assurance) review to ensure
regulatory compliance.
We do provide curation support for sensitive data. We just can’t publish it.
We provide consultation services on IRB language and have provided data “cleaning” services for some
published datasets.
We release the metadata, lock the dataset itself, and provide contact info for accessing the data.
We use Research Vault via our university research computing.
We would be able to provide this support, but have not yet done so.
While our IR does not accept private or sensitive data, we do assist researchers in identifying and
depositing data with 3rd part repositories that do support private or sensitive data.
Yes in principle, but we have not handled these requests. We have a protected data network, but have
not used it beyond minimal implementation for our IR.
Answered No N=8
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