38 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
25. Which of the following platforms are you using for your archiving/preservation solution/
management? Check all that apply. N=34
Custom solution 9 27%
Duraspace 7 21%
Archivematica 5 15%
Rosetta 2 6%
Preservica 0
Other platform 19 56%
Please specify the other platform. N=18
Archivespace, other solutions
Consortial custom preservation pipeline is under construction using Archivematica, Globus
Publication, and customized code. Files will originate at individual Canadian repositories, proceed
through the pipeline, with preservation copies held at ComputeCanada.
DAITSS (Dark Archive in the Sunshine State) coordinated by the statewide consortium, FALSC.
DSpace, LibNOVA, Digital Preservation Network (Duraspace serves as an ingest point into DPN)
Hydra Fedora
Just the base ePrints IR platform
LOCKSS enabled at host Dataverse instance.
MetaArchive, which provides governance and organizational sustainability in addition to a LOCKSS
network that maintains fixity and seven geographically dispersed copies of our archived datasets.
NARA uses the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) to preserve its archival electronic records holdings.
Our Fedora repository provides preservation of all data objects.
Swift Open Stack
We have the Fedora/Islandora, which has preservation features such as fixity, checksums. We also have
a disaster recovery solution.
Work underway now to redesign hydra applications preservation services and integrating
Archivematica into preservation workflow.
26. What metadata schema are you using for the preservation of data? Check all that apply. N=28
MODS 12 43%
PREMIS 12 43%
METS 10 36%
Other schema 10 36%
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