28 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
100 MB per file
200 MB
500 MB through self-deposit; mediated deposit doesn’t have an explicit limit although we aim to give
each researcher 2 TB of space.
1 GB per item
2 GB (17 responses)
2 GB for browser-based uploads, no size limit on the backend
2 GB per file for the self-deposit institutional repository with the option to upload more with assistance
from library staff.
2 GB per file per Dataverse policy with option to request more
~5 GB
5 GB unmediated; higher limits mediated
50 GB maximum per file
Dataverse: 2GB; university digital library: no limit
For self deposit we say 2G, in practice it is whatever.
I believe DSpace has a 2 GB limit; we are discussing imposing more stringent limits as we explore
expanding services.
No specified limit from Digital Commons, but there is an unspecified practical limit imposed by the
HTTP protocol used for file uploads.
Self-deposit: 100 MB | system limit =~ 1TB
We meet with each researcher to determine the amount of data. Large data sets above 1TB need
special consideration.
17. Does library staff help researchers prepare or curate their data for deposit to external data
repositories outside of your institution? N=49
Yes 32 65%
No 17 35%
If yes, which external data repositories do you support most often? Check all that apply. N=28
ICPSR 20 71%
Figshare 15 54%
Open Science Framework 14 50%
Dryad 9 32%
Zenodo 4 14%
Harvard’s Dataverse 4 14%
Genbank 2 7%
Other external data repository 5 18%
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