32 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
While we endeavor not to locally archive data with embargoes or restricted access conditions, we work
with researchers to find 3rd party repositories that can support complex access protocols.
Yes in principle, but we have not implemented embargoes for research data yet. We have embargoed
scholarly publications and ETDs.
Answered No N=2
Not yet, though it is part of our longer-term plans.
This is a subject for a future strategic investigation.
20. Please indicate if your data curation service requires any of the following documentation from
depositors and if your service helps create any of the documentation for depositors. Check all that
apply. N=45
Documentation Requires Helps create N
Metadata 33 32 44
Readme files 17 32 37
Code books 3 21 22
Methodology 6 14 18
Scripts or software used to analyze the data 4 13 17
Other documentation 4 12 14
# of respondents 35 40 45
If you selected Requires Other documentation above, please briefly describe what type of
documentation. N=4
MODS record
Other documentation includes licensing or permissions.
Rights statements, Gift in Kind form
We require a data description document that describes the content of the files and descriptions of the
data elements, software used, etc. for creating and working with the data.
Additional comments N=4
A future service would likely require all (or some) of the above based on the type of data.
Our policy states that all data submissions must contain sufficient documentation to enable reuse.
ReadMe files and Methodology are recommended, not required.
The *repository* requires these. Our data curation services are only tangentially involved in deposit.
If you selected Helps create Other documentation above, please briefly describe what type of
documentation. N=10
Basic and custom metadata; reproducibility documentation (with ReproZip); basic codebook definitions
OR consult on standards like DDI.
By “help” we mean will advise with one-on-one consultations, provide examples, do review and provide
suggestions. We do not ourselves create documentation for researchers.
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