23 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
9. Which of the following platforms are you using for your data repository? Check all that apply.
DSpace 22 48%
Fedora/Hydra 10 22%
Islandora 7 15%
Custom solution 7 15%
Dataverse (local installation) 7 15%
Digital Commons/BePress 5 11%
Dataverse (hosted) 4 9%
iRODS 1 2%
Ckan/Dkan 0
Other platform 10 22%
Please specify the other platform. N=10
Cuadra Star for the other platform (disciplinary-based), plus, our Islandora instance marries with
Fedora Commons.
Dataverse currently provides access to the data but the data are stored and archived within a local
system. Once we move to Fedora 4, we will evaluate whether we need to continue using Dataverse,
particularly since we are also planning to adopt OSF. We are currently integrating Fedora into OSF.
Geoblacklight, OSF for Institutions, ArchiveIT, RStar (homegrown), DataBrary (homegrown)
HUBzero with customized extensions
Open Science Framework
SobekCM: SobekCM is the software engine which powers the University of Florida Digital Collections
(UFDC), Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and many other digital repositories. SobekCM allows
users to discover online resources via semantic and full-text searches, as well as a variety of different
browse mechanisms.
We are transitioning now from Islandora to the university’s instance of Dataverse. For now, both data
and metadata are held in both repositories, but this will change.
If you selected Custom solution above, please briefly describe it. N=7
Hybrid DSpace and Apache platform.
Maria-based, CSS front-end
Our current institutional repository for data is hosted in DSpace. We are in the process of developing
a custom Islandora-based solution that will replace DSpace and a BePress instance used for more
traditional repository documents.
RStar is our preservation repository, primarily for libraries collections and selected faculty driven
products. DataBrary is a video preservation and science platform for the behavioral sciences, developed
in partnership with a psychology professor and colleagues group.
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