129 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Digital Library Data Curation Developer
Digital Library Data Curation Developer
The Hesburgh Libraries is seeking a passionate software developer to join our Digital Library
Technology Unit in support of digital library and research data curation services. With an
emphasis on data curation, the individual will design and develop digital library frameworks and
applications in areas such as controlled vocabularies, digital collections, digital content
harvesting. Within science, engineering, and the social sciences, the individual will work with
librarians, campus partners, and researchers to embed research data curation tools and
workflows into active research projects for archiving and sharing data in our institutional
repository CurateND (http://curate.nd.edu), or other relevant community repositories. This will
involve combining data tool and architecture design with development of automated data
extraction utilities and linked data technologies to apply domain specific metadata. The individual
will also develop web based user clients for researchers to manage and browse research data.
Additionally, the individual will contribute to our digital library frameworks and applications in
areas such as controlled vocabularies, digital collections, digital content harvesting, and general
support of digital library applications.
This position includes the opportunity to join us in a vibrant open source project called Hydra (
http://projecthydra.org) in which we have partnered with several other universities and
organizations to create advanced digital library applications and services.
Job duties include:
Design and develop digital library applications supporting digital library and data curation
Provide technical leadership in data architecture and design for digital library data
projects in collaboration with the Digital Library Technology Unit
With campus partners, develop services and web clients to manage, archive, and share
research data
Create APIs and processes to integrate other campus systems with CurateND from
groups like Engineering Science and Computing, Center for Research Computing, and
Digital Production.
Work with librarians and campus partners through our Center for Digital Scholarship to
develop data models and tools to tag and describe data and collections with domain
specific ontologies
Provide software development support for research projects involving computational
analysis or scientific data. This may involve manipulating or analyzing data with a
statistical/computational package (e.g. R, SciPy, Matlab, Mathematica, STATA)
Support digital humanities projects as needed with automated text analysis, topic
modeling, and other methods
Minimum Qualifications
Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related discipline, or equivalent software
development work experience.
At least 2 years experience working with at least one programming language (such as
Python, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Java, Python).
At least 2 years experience creating relational databases using Oracle, MySQL,
Postgres, or other modern RDBMS.
Experience developing web based user interfaces and/or applications
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