29 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Please specify the other external data repository. N=5
data.cybercommons.org, local EPSCOR project
dbGaP (genomics repository)
journal Dataverse instances
Please enter any additional comments you have about external data repositories. N=21
As mentioned in earlier questions, we have become part of the OSF for institutions (OSF4I) network.
We intend to direct our researchers to OSF4I and integrate Fedora into OSF for our data archive.
Essentially, researchers will be able to move data between their various storage providers into the JHU
Fedora-based archive via OSF4I.
Most of our assistance is informational: how to prepare data management plans, how to locate external
data repositories, considerations for naming data files, etc.
Not tracked. Our subject liaisons and research data specialists will advise on the most appropriate
repository for a researcher to use whether it is ours or an external repository, e.g., a domain repository.
We co-led the development of the re3data.org registry of research data repositories, and one of its use
cases is to aid a librarian in helping a patron identify the data repositories that best meet their needs.
Option exists, but has not really happened yet. We recommend general data repositories when the team
is cross-institutional, or Dataverse if the team wants to create their own repository.
Support of other external repositories is primarily advocacy and education.
Support provided mostly via DMP preparation consultation.
This is currently an emerging activity area for our team, but we anticipate growing demand in this area.
This is on a case-by-case basis. Help is offered only when the faculty member contacts the library.
The service is advertised to the university community but is not a mandatory action. Any request will
receive assistance.
We advise researchers about available repositories and help them write data management plans for any
repository, but we don’t help them write up metadata. We can help them clean and/or organize their
data to some extent. Very in-depth projects require grant funding to cover staff time.
We are investigating support for deposit to external data repositories.
We are testing with Zenodo as a general data repository and OSF as a project management of life cycle.
We discourage use of Academia.edu.
We do provide some consultation on external repositories and anticipate doing more in the near future.
We get very few requests for assistance with external data repositories, but we know from reviewing
data management plans that our researchers are using external data repositories.
We haven’t actually done this yet, but we are game to help!
We often refer researchers to external data repositories given the shortcomings of our existing
repository platform. We share general best practices for cleaning and sharing their data regardless of
where they plan to upload it.
We receive questions about external repositories and provide general guidance, but we don’t offer
platform-specific curation services for external repositories.
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