127 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Research Data Curation Librarian
and the University. As such, it will require student supervision and deployment experience, but
has no FTEs reporting to it.
Responsibilities (essential functions):
While partnering with colleagues at the U-M Office of Research, Information Technology
Services, Advanced Research Computing, as well as academic programs, institutes,
departments, and colleges across campus, the Research Data Curation Librarian will:
Work with researchers to curate and archive data (30%)
The Librarian will work with researchers to identify, recruit, ingest and deposit data in the
library’s digital repository, adhering to local policies, national and international standards and
best practices. The incumbent will play a significant role in outreach to the research community
to deposit data in both the digital repository or an appropriate subject repository, as well as
creating training programs, help guides and web resources for Data Education and RDS for
internal and external audiences. When necessary the Librarian will consult with researchers on
their specific needs such as adopting metadata standards or data sensitivity characterization.
Create, support and sustain technical infrastructure (20%)
In collaboration with key partners, the incumbent will act as the point person for the data
repository, investigate integrative infrastructures to connect campus needs to the repository,
design and implement workflows, and execute technical processes involved in managing the
lifecycle of digital datasets including data transformation projects.
Work with campus stakeholders on larger data collections issues (15%)
In addition to serving as a consultant to researchers and librarians on data issues and services,
performs data management planning with principle investigators and researchers; assists in the
development and delivery of training and instructional materials on data curation; provides
guidance and instruction on discovery, acquisition and use of research data in the public
Engage and participate in all aspects of the RDS and library services as appropriate
The Research Data Curation Librarian will participate in developing RDS within the Library and
actively working to promote and advance the components of RDS amongst librarians. This
includes the development of resources, documentation and instructional content about data
curation, participating in selected cross-library working groups to create and improve services.
Other duties as assigned.
Professional Development (10%)
Pursue research and professional development activities individually and as appropriate to the
position. Engage with the library community and communities of practice beyond the library.
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