31 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
In the past (while we were using Islandora as our local repository solution for datasets), we accepted
private/sensitive data, but that policy was eschewed due to the move to self-deposit via Dataverse and
the inordinate amount of time required for data cleanup.
Not yet, though it is part of our longer-term plans.
Right now, only open projects are being accepted. Cyberinfrastructures are not all equipped to handle
sensitive data.
This is subject for a future strategic investigation.
We are currently investigating this for future development.
We check for PII using identity finder.
We require all personal identification information to be removed prior to deposit. We scan embargo
data if needed.
We support different levels of access and permissions, but our repositories are not HIPPA compliant.
19. Does your data curation service support embargoes and/or restricted access conditions? N=49
Yes 42 86%
No 7 14%
Comments N=17
Answered Yes N=15
Can embargo up to 10 years.
Capacity exists to provide restricted access but we generally support embargos.
Currently the IR is mainly for documents and select, small data sets. Embargoes can be set, but at this
time, no data is embargoed.
Dataverse yes; Islandora no (We are working on formalizing a collections policy.)
Dataverse allows granular access to data (role-based access restrictions) but does not allow
for embargoes.
Embargoes and access conditions are features of a repository, not data curation service support. The
“yes” above relates to our depository.
Embargoes, but no other type of restricted access.
Embargos are not available by default but can be enabled if requested. We do not provide
restricted access.
Extremely limited—mostly employed when a PID is needed for a publication, and the data need to be
withheld until paper is published.
Our service support is geared towards eventual open access conditions, but respects that research
processes take time and that researchers may not be initially comfortable making their datasets open.
We provide three levels of visibility: Open Access, VT-only, and Restricted.
Some data restricted to research project participants.
Up to 2 years embargo on files (metadata is open) using request a copy feature of DSpace.
When requested.
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