33 SPEC Kit 354: Data Curation
Curation plans, data management plans, IRB protocol language
Data dictionary
Data management plans for publicly supported research grants
Depending on how the researcher wants to model content, there might be additional information to be
added to data sets. This is done on a case-by-case scenario.
MODS record
Rightsstatements.org...very little in the way of CC. GIK form is supplied by university general counsel.
Varies greatly depending on the research project and what is necessary to find, understand, and use the
data in the future.
We provide templates for batch upload of metadata and technical language to populate readme files. We
will also provide assistance with creating rights statements & licensing.
Additional comments N=3
It is recommended that scientists and researchers include ReadMe files and steps for reproducibility.
Our deposit interface includes a metadata entry form with suggested elements for depositors to fill out.
We use readme.txt templates for many of our data curation activities.
21. Which of the following tools are you using in your curation treatments and/or activities? Check all
that apply. N=29
BagIt 13 45%
Fixity 12 41%
Bitcurator 9 31%
FITS 9 31%
JHOVE 9 31%
Bulk Extractor 3 10%
Identity Finder 2 7%
Data Accessionner 0
Other tool 13 45%
Please briefly describe the other tool. N=13
Currently aware of JHOVE, Bitcurator, and Bulk Extractor. Plan to use in the future.
Currently, there is a custom-built data processor software that we use during ingest. We intend to
migrate away from this tool to a community-based tool. We also use a packaging tool developed
through the Data Conservancy that creates packages based on a specification that builds on BagIt.
DROID, mkAIP (locally developed)
Exiftool, MediaInfo
MD5 checksum
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