126 Representative Documents: Data Curation Job Descriptions
Research Data Curation Librarian
University of Michigan Library
Job Description
The Research Data Curation Librarian will advance the library’s mission to create and sustain
data services for the c​ampus that support the mission of the University of Michigan researchers
through the library’s Research Data Services (RDS) unit. A key focus of this position will be to
contribute to the development of the data repository in collaboration with colleagues and
stakeholders, in the library and across campus.
Date: 8/2015
Department: Science, Engineering, Clark Library and Research Data Services
Working Title: Research Data Curation Librarian
University Classification: Librarian
Position Summary:
The University of Michigan Library has embarked on an aggressive and exciting initiative to
address research data management and curation needs at the University.
RDS is responsible for strategic planning, coordination, and deployment of research data
services directed at facilitating the research lifecycle. This includes creating and implementing
data management assistance for the campus, outreach to faculty in collaboration with librarian
subject specialists, informationists, training, and assessment of RDS programs and services.
RDS operates in 4 key areas: 1) Education, Awareness and Community Building, 2) Technical
Infrastructure, 3) Policy and Strategy, and 4) Consultation and Services.
The responsibilities of the Research Data Curation Librarian will fall in all four of the above
areas, with a particular focus on developing and maintaining the services offered through the
research data repository in collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders, in the library and
across campus.
Reporting Structure:
Reports to the Research Data Services Manager
Supervisory Experience:
This is a largely collaborative position that requires negotiation of relationships across the library
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