36 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We are currently transitioning from DSpace to LibNOVA for our internal preservation platform, and
through our membership in the Digital Preservation Network some data are preserved there as well.
Answered No N=7
Harvard IQSS is responsible for preservation.
Preservation services are not currently offered but will be available when we upgrade to Dataverse 4.6.
Archivematica is the platform we expect to use in the future. Backup services are offered.
Solutions are being tested at the moment. More to come.
We are in the process of testing various repository software stacks with the goal of building a Digital
Asset IR. Many of the follow up questions on this topic will be part of the process where not only
determining the software and cyberinfrastructure but also the policies that are needed to support
the IR.
We presently steer clear of the word preservation, relying instead on long-term stewardship as our
nomenclature. Users seem to like “archiving” as shorthand, and probably equate that to “preservation.”
We generate PREMISE metadata and are members of DPN and plan to deposit in 2017. We also leverage
LOCKSS, CLOCKSS, and PORTICO for commercially published and government materials.
We provide on-going stewardship for items in our institutional repository, including data. We are
moving toward providing digital preservation through DuraCloud and DPN.
We recently created a preservation framework to help shape our approach to this issue.
Preservation services are a priority but still in progress. We are a member institution of the Digital
Preservation Network.
If yes, please answer the following questions.
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24. Please enter the number of years your service will preserve the curated data. N=35
Number of years N
5 5
5+ 3
7 2
10 4
12 1
20 2
25 1
Indefinitely 10
Comments N=24
Aiming for perpetual access.
At least 10 years
Currently, we preserve indefinitely.
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