University Library Questionnaire · 93 The name, title, email and phone number of the person who prepared the Excel file. The name, title, email and phone number of your institution’s contact person for the salary survey (if different from the person who prepared the Excel file) Indicate whether you are submitting salary information for one or more of the following: Main, Law, or Medical library, and the beginning professional salary and rank structure for each. For professional salary list the salary that would be paid to a newly hired professional without experience (even if local practice discourages hiring entry-level professionals without experience). Please report the 2007–2008 beginning professional salary to the best of your knowledge as it existed on July 1, 2007. For rank structure, list the number of unique levels in your institution’s rank structure. If you have no levels in your rank structure, use 1. The number reported here should be equal to the highest number in the “Rank” column of your Excel file (i.e., the number of levels reported in your Excel file should equal the number of levels reported here). The names of the libraries that are included and excluded in your figures for the ‘general libraries’ (these can be main campus libraries or branch campus libraries), as well as any other explanatory information, should be indicated in a footnote. In your footnotes, report any information that would clarify the figures submitted: the inclusion and exclusion of branch campus libraries, a reporting date that is sooner/later than July 1, 2007, etc. Please make an effort to word your footnotes in a manner consistent with notes appearing in the published report, so that ARL can interpret your footnotes correctly. Please return the completed questionnaire to the ARL Statistics and Measurement Program by September 30, 2007. For assistance, contact Martha Kyrillidou ( or Mark Young ( or Kristina Justh ( or Gary Roebuck ( Tel. 202-296-2296 or fax 202-872-0884.
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