104 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2007–2008 Institution Note In 2005, a large number of positions were upgraded to “exempt” status. For the previous three years the UH Libraries had been reporting salaries for all exempt positions. However, the large reclassification had an impact on the data that does not reflect the salaries accurately, so starting in 2006-07 the UH libraries will report librarian salaries and staff salaries of positions that could conceivably be replaced by a librarian. HOWARD Moorland Springarn Research Center is a separate library housed in the building of the Main Library and is included in the Main Library data. ILLINOIS, CHICAGO UIC is one campus, including Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana locations. ILLINOIS, URBANA Includes all main campus libraries. INDIANA Includes all main campus libraries. Excludes the Indianapolis School of Law, Dentistry, and Medicine Library IUPUI University Library Herron School of Art Library Columbus Library and Science and Engineering Library as well as branch campuses at IU-East, IU-Kokomo, IU-Northwest, IU-Southeast, IU-South Bend, and IUPUI-Fort Wayne. IOWA Includes Main Library and 10 branch libraries. IOWA STATE Includes Parks (main) Library and the Veterinary Medical branch library. JOHNS HOPKINS Includes the Sheridan Libraries, the Friedheim Library, and the School of Advanced International Studies Library. KANSAS Salaries reported for the Main Library include the Lawrence and Edwards campuses. Salaries reported for the Medical Library include the Dykes Library. Excludes the University of Kansas School of Medicine Library in Wichita, KS, and the Clendening History of Medicine Library in Kansas City, KS. KENT STATE Includes the Kent Campus (main) library, the Kent Campus branch libraries (Music, Architecture, Chemistry/Physics, Fashion, Map), and the regional campuses in Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Geauga, Salem, Stark, Trumbull, and Tuscarawas. In previous years, faculty librarians were hired at the assistant professor level or above. In 2007, some faculty librarians were hired at the level of instructor, which is one step below assistant professor. KENTUCKY Includes the William T. Young Library (Main campus library), the Agricultural Information Center, Chemistry/Physics Library, Design Library, Education Library, Engineering Library, Equine Library, Fine Arts Library, Geological Sciences Library and Map Collections, Kentucky Transportation Center, Lexmark Information Center Mathematical Sciences Library, and Special Collections and Digital Programs. LAVAL Includes the law and medical libraries. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Salaries include Professional and Administrative positions. LOUISIANA STATE Includes Middleton Library and Hill Memorial Library. While geographically in the same location (Baton Rouge), the Law School and School of Veterinary Medicine are considered separate campuses. LOUISVILLE Includes the Ekstrom (main) Library, the Art Library, the Music Library, and the University Archives.
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