Footnotes · 103 Institution Note CHICAGO Includes all libraries: Science, Medicine, and Law. CINCINNATI Includes main campus only branch campuses are not included. COLORADO Includes Norlin Library, Music, Business, Math/Physics, Engineering, and Earth Sciences libraries. COLORADO STATE Includes Main Campus Library, Atmospheric Sciences Library, and Veterinary Medicine Library. CONNECTICUT Includes Avery Point, Babbidge, Greater Hartford, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, Archives and Special Collections, Art and Design, Maps, Music, and Pharmacy libraries. CORNELL Includes Africana, Engineering, Entomology, Fine Arts, Geneva Experiment Station, Hotel Administration, Management, Mann, Math, Music, ILR, Olin/ Kroch/Uris, Physical Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine libraries. DARTMOUTH Includes Baker-Berry Library, Rauner Special Collections Library, Kresge Physical Sciences Library, Feldberg Business & Engineering Library, Sherman Art Library, Paddock Music Library, Dartmouth College Records Center. DUKE Includes Divinity, Perkins/Boston, Lilly, Music, Vesic, Biology and Environmental Sciences, Marine, and Rare Book, Manuscripts, and Special Collections libraries. EMORY All salaries are effective September 1, 2007 and include the Main Library (which includes Chemistry, Music and Media, and the Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Library) Theology Library, and Oxford College Library. FLORIDA Includes Humanities and Social Science Library, Science Library, Music Library, Architecture and Fine Arts Library, Education Library, Journalism Library, and the Judaica Library. FLORIDA STATE Includes Strozier, Dirac (Science), Allen (Music), Goldstein, and Career Center libraries, as well as the Panama City ARC, the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, and the Heritage Protocol Grant. GEORGETOWN Include Woodstock Theological Library and the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature (Bioethics Library). All libraries have different ranking structures. GEORGIA Includes the Main Library, Student Learning Center, Science Library, Curriculum Materials Library, Tifton Agricultural Center Library, Griffin Agricultural Center Library. GEORGIA TECH Includes the Main and Architecture libraries. GUELPH Includes the Main Campus Libraries (McLaughlin Library, OVC Learning Commons), and the Guelph Humber Learning Commons. Beginning professional salary unchanged from 2006-07 due to current and on-going labor negotiations. HARVARD Includes all libraries on the Boston and Cambridge campuses, including the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College. Excludes Biblioteca Berenson (Florence, Italy), Dunbarton Oaks Research Libraries (Washington, DC), and the Center for Hellenic Studies (Washington, DC). HAWAII Includes the Hamilton and Sinclair libraries. UH Library is reporting 24 additional positions for 2006-07. This is a result of a decision to include professional (non-librarians) for the first time. HOUSTON Includes the M.D. Anderson Library, the Jenkins Architecture & Art Library, the Music Library, the Pettey Optometry Library, and the Pharmacy Library.
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