38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
22. Has your library used the results of these or any other assessment efforts to change the diversity
plan and/or diversity programs? N=44
Yes 14 32%
No 22 50%
Not yet, but we plan to 8 18%
Additional comments about assessment.
Answered Yes
Diversity Council submitted recommendations and proposed goals to the Library Executive Committee in September
Future assessment will be used to make adjustments to the plan and training.
Held a year-long diversity video and discussion series in response to climate survey results.
One concern revealed by our most recent survey was the impact on gender and salary due to recent retirements. This
‘reveal’ will be used to inform hiring practices and salary reviews.
Specific plans are developed by departments and/or units to address climate issues.
Surveys show significant acceptance of the Libraries’ diversity initiatives and indicate that we have an open, welcoming
climate. Libraries’ Administration works with the Diversity Committee to focus on survey results that indicate concerns or
areas needing further work.
Answered Not yet
Plans to implement an assessment tool in winter, 2010. The diversity committee is currently considering ClimateQUAL™
or a survey developed by a peer institution.
We are just to start the implementation phase of the recommendations that were made by the library committee that
reviewed and worked to understand our ClimateQUAL™ results.
We plan on holding a series of focus group meetings this summer with our staff to assess what programs/initiatives we
should consider in our programming efforts that will enhance the inclusiveness and diversity of our culture.
Answered No
The library has not assessed the workplace climate, however, the university does via a survey developed by the
While the library has not performed any assessments, the university has.
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