SPEC Kit 319: Diversity Plans and Programs · 33
Campus-level units charged with planning and delivering diversity initiatives.
Coordinator for Services for Persons with Disabilities (delivery).
Delivery is by campus personnel or external presenters.
Director for Administrative Services, Diversity Committee.
Hired consultants or speakers (delivery).
Library administration provides planning and financial support, and actively participates in diversity forums.
One member of our staff, currently involved with the university’s staff affairs committee, who developed a program and
resource guide relating to physical disabilities (both a relating to co-workers and library users).
Some is planned and delivered out of the president’s office, some out of campus Quality Service.
Theuniversity has a number of centralized services with advocacy and support responsibilities.
University HR/Training/Diversity and outside vendors (Cambridge Hill Partners, Global Lead Management Consulting).
Library piloted training and materials that later became part of university-wide training curriculum. In addition to Library
Diversity Council, we also have a Library Disability Services Committee. University-wide affinity groups have been useful
for both recruiting and retention, well received by current and potential staff.
University Office for Equity and Diversity (delivery).
At this time, we have already offered this program to all our professional staff. We are planning to complete with the
rest of our staff, then to repeat the operation and maybe add more parts to our program. We are working with Human
Resources Management to develop the program.
Examples of large events: Sign Language Forum, International Party.
Our Diversity Task Force is in a rebuilding phase and will focus on other issues in 2010/11.
Programs are delivered by the university, not specifically through the library.
Since 2004, the library has offered facilitation skills workshops twice yearly on average. The workshops are designed
to help library managers, supervisors, librarians and other employees to: seek to include a wide variety of perspectives
and opinions in group discussions and decision-making ensure that everyone participates in group discussions teach
employees how to use specific tools in managing discussions and making decisions.
The deliver piece really depends on the nature of the program. We have turned often to outside experts to deliver
The Staff Development Librarian serves on the Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) ex-officio. There are programs Staff
Development offers that address some of the interests of the DAC and vice versa.
We have a full program of workshops available at the university level through the Office for Equity and Diversity.
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