22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The library looks at/reviews it annually and as needed to guide our work in diversity.
The university, under the leadership of the president, announced in February 2010 that he was forming a Council on
Diversity and Inclusion with a new Associate Provost to be appointed Spring 2010.
There are many resources available on the University Diversity Web pages.
We did not update the plan in 2008/2009 because the university will be requiring diversity plans and we want to make
sure ours follows those requirements. We are also involved in the Library Scorecard Pilot and want to see how that fits.
6. Please identify the elements that are included in the plan, such as statement of values, recruitment
goals and/or strategy, description of diversity programs, etc. Check all that apply. N=35
Goals &Strategies 30 86%
Mission or Values Statement 25 71%
Diversity definition 24 69%
Organization responsibility &accountability 20 57%
Committee charge 12 34%
Description of diversity programs for library staff 10 29%
Other element 7 20%
Please describe the other element(s) in the plan.
Assessment strategies and timeline.
Compliance plan for the university, i.e. EEO policies.
Partnerships with other university departments and programs.
Reference to related policies.
Texas Tech is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. We Strongly encourage applications from women,
minorities, and veterans, and we consider the needs of dual career couples.
The document is focuses mainly on a utilization analysis and goals for diversity. The plan has components but is not a
fully structured plan.
The intent is stated within the Diversity Program. The Code for the Council of Librarians describes the responsibility of
the chairperson of any librarian searches in regards to diversity and EEO compliance. The Mission and Vision Statement
for the library system states our value of diversity.
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