SPEC Kit 319: Diversity Plans and Programs · 23
7. What group/individual is responsible for implementing the diversity plan? Check all that apply.
HR/Personnel officer 26 72%
Diversity Committee or other related group 20 56%
Diversity officer 7 19%
Staff Development officer 4 11%
Multicultural Librarian 3 8%
Other individual or group 22 61%
Please describe the other individual or group.
Academic Programs division of the library (largest division, core collections and services responsibilities), libraries
leadership from all areas.
All library leadership, as well as managers/supervisors are responsible for demonstrating and leading diversity and
inclusion in their organizations, reflected in performance management and recognition processes, as well as the library’s
promotion review process.
Campus HR, library HR, and library administration. All department heads are aware of diversity efforts.
Council of Librarians and all supervisors in selection process are tasked with ensuring that a diverse pool of candidates is
Dean, Library Directors, Department Heads.
Director for Administrative Services Diversity Task Force of 2010.
Director of Libraries and associate directors.
Employment Equity Director.
Every search committee for an academic position.
Individual directors.
Liaison to Diversity Team.
Libraries administration plays an active role, as well as the Diversity Committee.
Library Affirmative Action Representative.
President’s office as well as search committees.
The Chancellor, together with her cabinet members, have delegated responsibility to all supervisory personnel, both
faculty and administrative, to carry out the university’s equal opportunity /affirmative action programs. However, overall
responsibility rests with the Chancellor, through the Vice President of Human Services and the Associate Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer.
There are elements to the plan to require the involvement of many Libraries’ staff for successful implementation. Those
are noted on the plan where appropriate.
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