20 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If the plan is part of a broader document, please identify the title of that document.
Part of a broader parent institution document
Annual EEO/Diversity Profile: Utilization Analysis.
Diversity Action Plan for the University.
Diversity Annual Report.
Diversity statement.
University Affirmative Action Report.
University Equal Opportunity Plan University Diversity Strategic Plan.
Path to Prominence: Strategic Plan for the University.
Strategic Plan University Plan--Principles of Community.
The university maintains Affirmative Action Compliance Plans.
The University Diversity Statement University Strategic Plan for Diversity University’s Principles of Community.
There is currently a Principal’s Task Force on Diversity Excellence and Community Engagement.
University EEO Policy and Procedures Library System -Vision, Mission Statement Council of Librarians -Code
specifically in relation to Search and Screening Committees.
Part of a broader library document
Libraries Strategic Plan
Libraries’ Strategic Plan
Library Strategic Plan, 2006
University Library In Pursuit of Our Strategic Vision 2005–2010
Stand-alone document
Not part of the university plan, but follows from the university initiative and 2006 report of the System-Wide Academic
Task Force: Diversity.
5. Is this plan reviewed and/or updated periodically? N=36
Yes 29 81%
No 2 6%
Not yet, but it will be 5 14%
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