28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If yes, please briefly describe the more successful strategies.
Assessing applicant pool diversity in selection process and HACU.
Broader and targeting advertising, advertising internally. Have seen increased diversity in applicant pool, and also notice
that there is more diversity in the early career professional population, so difficult to attribute causal relationship to one
approach or another.
Current recruitment for cataloger with Japanese language required and Korean language preferred yielded a large
number of culturally diverse applicants.
Making sure the search committee members are aware of the goals and actively push this information out. Training is
also helpful.
Our post-LIS residency program has a hiring rate double the ARL overall rate for ethnic/cultural diversity.
Participation in ARL Leadership and Career Development Program Recruiting from LIS programs known for diversity
(e.g., Knowledge River).
Post LIS Fellowship Program has been successful for over 25 years in the recruitment and retention of ethnically/diverse
librarians. Program has been a model for academic libraries throughout the country. Search committees have been
strong allies in making sure candidate pools are diverse and that committees follow affirmative action guidelines.
Post-LIS residency increases our diversity profile. I am in the process of acquiring data to determine if other strategies
have resulted in increases in the diversity of applicant pools. Pre-LIS program resulted in hiring 3 tenure-track hires.
Successful recruitment of a minority librarian from the ALA Black Caucus publicity (she was also a Spectrum scholar).
Support of ARL initiatives, particularly partnership with ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce which provides
participants with a behind-the-scenes look at an academic research library during a two-day onsite visit with costs fully
covered by the library.
Target of Opportunity has helped us to hire one librarian and we have plans for several more.
Targeted advertising, especially listservs, and working with the library school on our campus to recruit diverse
candidates to academic libraries.
The library currently has two Resident Librarians from underrepresented population.
The Pauline A. Young Residency is a 2-year, post-LIS minority recruitment program that offers a breadth of professional
experience in a highly automated academic research library setting. The 2-year residency is designed to meet both
the professional goals and interests of the resident as well as the service and operational priorities of the University of
Delaware Library. In the first year, the resident works with librarians in several key areas of the library, gaining broadly
based experience. In the second year, the resident selects an area of responsibility that builds on this foundation and
furthers his or her specific professional goals. See http://www2.lib.udel.edu/personnel/residency/index.html for more
We believe that the use of the various listserves has provided an opportunity for a broader applicant pool as well as our
own staff’s outreach in recruiting efforts. Listservs used are listjobs@drexel.edu, listjobs, ILI-L@ala.org.
We were able to hire several of the post-LIS residency individuals.
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