SPEC Kit 319: Diversity Plans and Programs · 27
Please describe the other strategy.
Advertises in the five minority caucus newsletters and job lists.
Note that any state-funded programs cannot be restricted to only ethnically/culturally diverse individuals.
Previously had a pre-LIS internship program, but this has been redesigned and become the post-LIS residency program.
Search committee members contact colleagues at other institutions, call prospective candidates to encourage
application, and register positions with the university system’s applicant clearinghouse.
Send job announcements to minority caucuses of ALA job sites and library schools.
Specifically targeting minority venues for advertising vacancies.
Sponsors &conducts Leadership Institute for Early Career Librarians from Under-Represented Groups hires high school
students in city’s summer Step Up program participates in ALA social, committee and educational activities.
Targets job ads to specific communities.
Targets listservs and publications reviewed mainly by ethnically/culturally diverse individuals.
Tuition reimbursement is available to all staff members targeted recruiting to student groups and minority listservs
participation with ARL diversity events at ALA and hosted luncheon International Associates Program (residency) local
community outreach to increase awareness of profession (Family &Community Archives Project with Co-op High School
and Manuscripts &Archives staff Medical Library with Career High School). In the past, we have participated in events
such as NAACP career fair in NYC and hosted Librarians in Residence and fellows mentored by the University Librarian.
University’s Target of Opportunity Plan: Libraries identify outstanding diverse professionals and university provides
multi-year financial support for their hire.
Use of Web sites and listservs targeted to diverse populations are used to post open positions.
Utilizes alliance with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) for direct recruitment. Assessing/
reviewing diversity in applicant pool in agency merit selection processes.
We are currently participating in a broad survey of ARL libraries re: recruitment efforts to attract diverse pools of
qualified applicants.
11. Have any of these strategies been particularly successful for increasing the pool of ethnically/
culturally diverse job applicants? N=37
Yes 21 57%
No 16 43%
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