36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Annual reports on diversity results and reports to Congress.
Campus Affirmative Action Office compiles reports.
Demographic analysis of applicant pool for each open position, demographic analysis of Libraries’ workforce.
Each year as part of the campus budget report, each department, including the library is asked to look at hiring
practices and recent hires from the last fiscal year, as well as projected hires and goals for the upcoming fiscal year.
Equal Opportunity Plan Annual Report.
Our plan lists several related initiatives and each initiative has outcome measures aligned with it. For example, a winter
reception for international students will result in more international students using library services. Many of these
outcomes, unfortunately, have not been measured yet.
Review of applicant pools for entry-level positions focus on the LIS program the applicant attended. These programs are
compared against reports of minority graduation rates. Our goal is to target schools with statistically significant minority
graduation rates a measure of success would be to receive applications from those schools.
We have measures but again, low self-reporting of ethnicity offsets the measures in place.
We keep precise records of where we advertise each position and the type of response we receive. We are also in Phase
II of a multi-year longitudinal study to investigate the efficacy of the current recruitment strategies employed by the
Association of Research Libraries. These strategies include advertising job vacancies and soliciting applications from
a broad spectrum of applicants, with the purpose of recruiting traditionally underrepresented groups in the academic
library workforce.
We note progress in this area as part of our annual review of all Libraries’ goals and objectives.
20. Has your library developed any measures to evaluate the success of efforts to retain an ethnically/
culturally diverse workforce? N=49
Yes 3 6%
No 35 71%
Not yet, but we plan to 11 22%
If yes or planning to, please briefly describe those measures.
Basic underutilization statistical analyses conducted by the campus HR office.
Demographic analysis of Libraries’ workforce, semi-annual analysis of turnover and exit interviews.
Equal Opportunity Plan Annual Report.
Historically we have very low turnover, so our efforts have mostly been directed to recruitment. However, we hope that
developing the mentoring program will assist with retention and promotion.
We have had several preliminary discussions about this. At this point we have very few diverse folks to retain.
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