SPEC Kit 319: Diversity Plans and Programs · 31
If you answered Yes, please answer the following questions.
If you answered No or Not yet, please continue to the Mentoring section of the survey.
15. Please indicate which of the following topics have been addressed in the presentations,
workshops, programs, etc. Check all that apply. N=32
Race and ethnicity 25 78%
Physical disabilities 21 66%
Sexual orientation 17 53%
Language barriers 16 50%
Gender and/or age discrimination 15 47%
Other topic(s) 12 38%
Please describe the other topic(s).
Cross-cultural communication workshop for library staff.
Cultural competencies in the workplace. Campus Climate Initiatives. Micro-aggressions.
Employment equity policy.
Facilitation skills workshops, aimed at library managers, supervisors, librarians and other employees: the value of a wide
variety of perspectives in group discussions seek to have all employees participate in group discussions specific tools to
manage discussions and make decisions.
Intercultural communication, targeted at working with international students.
Intercultural Competence.
Neurodiversity sizism.
Regionalisms (human geography, Appalachian culture), Rites of passage (anthropology).
Religion, Classism/rankism.
Religion, working styles, socio-economic, class distinction in the workplace.
Student veterans, learning styles, gender communication styles.
The answer was “No” above, but there are various trainings and presentations on campus that promote an inclusive
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