SPEC Kit 319: Diversity Plans and Programs · 35
Answered Not yet
We hope to create a librarian mentoring program for all newly hired librarians to assist with on-boarding and the
promotion process.
Answered No
Formal mentoring program available to all professional staff. Informally, staff from underrepresented groups meet and
support each other.
Have existing mentoring program available to all library staff members.
Mentoring is provided to all tenure-track librarians.
Provide a mentoring program for all librarians.
The mentor program is open to all faculty.
Varies by department. No agency-wide program currently exists.
We do have a mentoring program for our librarians, but it is not specifically to help ethnically/culturally diverse librarians.
We have a mentoring program for all new librarians and it is not restricted by ethnicity.
We mentor all probationary librarians as needed and diverse librarians would be included. They are not given different
or special treatment.
We offer a mentoring program for all librarians “as they participate in the procedures outlined in the Librarian Personnel
Code. The program is designed to support an environment within the University Libraries where librarians can achieve
success in their careers and contribute to the overall mission of the University Libraries and the University.” (Libraries
LAPC charge)
We offering a mentoring program for all new employees, but the focus is on acculturation, not advancement.
Evaluation and Assessment
19. Has your library developed any measures to evaluate the success of efforts to recruit an ethnically/
culturally diverse workforce? N=49
Yes 11 22%
No 29 59%
Not yet, but we plan to 9 18%
If yes, please briefly describe those measures.
Annual diversity report to the University Office of Affirmative Action and Multicultural Programs.
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