Footnotes to the ARL Annual Salary Survey, 2013–2014 · 163
Library branches included: Krausz Podiatry Library and Ginsburg Health Sciences Library. [Health
Sciences Libraries]
The minimum beginning professional salary rate of $44,044 is for an 11 month contract as a bargaining unit
librarian. This would be pro-rated to $40,150 should the incumbent elect a 10 month contract at time of initial
hire. [Main Library]
Library branches included: John C. Hodges Main Library, Pendergrass Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Library, Devine Music Library, Social Work Library, and Nashville.
Library branches included: University of Texas Libraries, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, and Harry
Ransom Center.
Beginning Professional Salary for the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History is $40,000. Beginning
Professional Salary for the Harry Ransom Center is $40,500.
Library branches included: Sterling C. Evans Library, Library Annex, Cushing Memorial Library, Map and GIS
Library, West Campus Library, Policy Sciences & Economics Library, and the Medical Sciences Library (includes
the College Station, Bryan, Round Rock, Temple and Kingsville facilities).
Library branches NOT included: Texas A&M University Library at Qatar, Jack Williams Library (Galveston
Library), and Technical Resources Center (Architecture Library).
Data for the Texas A&M University Medical Sciences Library is included in the main library data and will not be
reported separately.
Library branches included: University Library, Architecture, SWC/SCL, and Vietnam.
Library branches included: The data submitted includes the Central Library, Divinity Library, Peabody Library,
Management Library, Music Library, Science and Engineering Library, Special Collections and University
Archives, centralized Technical Services, Library Digital Services, Television News Archive, and Library
Administration. [Main Library]
Library branches included: Alderman (Main), Astronomy, Chemistry, Clemons (Undergraduate), Education
Services, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts, Math, Music, Physics, Brown Science Engineering, Small Special Collections,
and Darden Graduate Business. [University Library]
For the purposes of the 2013–14 salary survey, we have included as “professional” those staff who have advanced
degrees (or, in a very few cases, equivalent experience) or manage a staff or budget, and who have a high degree
of specialized skill. This results in an increased staff count when compared to last year’s data.
Library branches included: Art & Architecture Library, Vet Med Library, WAAC, Northern Virginia, Storage, and
Roanoke Clinic Library.
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