134 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2013–2014
3. The Beginning Professional Salary is the salary that would be paid to a newly hired
professional without experience, not necessarily the lowest professional salary paid. In reporting
the beginning salary, please use a figure that is actually used or likely to be used for entry-level
librarians hired by your library, even if it is your practice rarely to hire entry-level professionals
without experience.
4. Please report the 2013-14 Beginning Professional Salary to the best of your knowledge as it exists
on July 1, 2013. Do not delay returning your survey with the expectation that more information
will be available later.
5. The 2013-14 Average and Median Salary figures will be calculated by ARL from the individual
data supplied.
Part II: Data Upload - Individual Data (Microsoft CSV Form)
1. Part II of this survey requests information on salary, sex, minority status, rank, years of
experience and working title for all filled positions for fiscal year 2013-14. The survey requests
information for individuals; aggregate data for each institution will be generated by computer.
Vacant positions should be excluded from your report.
2. Data for the Main, Law, and Medical libraries should be reported on separate CSV files.
3. Obtain the CSV file.
These instructions assume that you can use Microsoft Excel or other program and save your file as
CSV (this is common functionality in many spreadsheet and database programs). If you have
trouble opening the CSV files, please call the ARL Statistics and Assessment Program at (202) 296-
2296 regarding the Salary Survey submission or email stats@arl.org.
The CSV file is available at: http://www.arlstatistics.org/About/Mailings/ss_2013-14. This is a
generic, blank file that can hold data for Main, Law, or Medical libraries. The file’s name is
“sal13xxxx.xls”; open the file and save it to your own computer by choosing the “Save As” option
in CSV. When saving the file, utilize ARL as the prefix for Main library reports, use 13 to designate
the year (2013-14), and change “xxxx" to your ARL institution code number, e.g., “ARL131150.xls.”
Note: use MED for medical libraries, e.g. “MED131150” and LAW to denote law libraries, e.g.,
The file contains columns labeled as follows:
Required: Name/ID# (deleted before
submitting) LibID Page Line Salary Job Sex OEOcat YrsExp Rank Percent Working
Job Title
Optional: Hisp NatAm Asian Black HawPI White
In the LibID column, enter your ARL Library Institution Code. You can find your ARL institution
code at: http://www.arlstatistics.org/about/instno
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