162 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2013–2014
Library branches included: River Campus Libraries and Sibley Music Library.
Library branches included: RIS (includes Alexander Library, Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Kilmer Library, and
Library of Science and Medicine and branches), John Cotton Dana Library, Paul Robeson Library, and Technical
and Automated Services. [Main Library]
Library branches included: Robert Wood Johnson Library of Health Sciences and George Smith Library of the
Health Sciences. [Biological and Health Sciences Libraries]
Library branches included: Education & Music, Science, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, and Murray.
Library branches included: Business Library, Music Library, Hollings Special Collections Library, Moving Image
Research Collections, and South Caroliniana Library.
Library branches included: Accounting, Architecture and Fine Arts, Business, Cinema, East Asian, Gerontology,
Government Docs, Leavey, Music, ONE National Archives, Philosophy, Science and Engineering, Special
Collections, and Public Policy/International Relations (VKC).
We have begun hiring Non-Tenure-Track (NTT) faculty members in addition to our Tenured/Tenure-Track (T/
TT) faculty members, so the rank structure this year has been adjusted to 4 levels instead of 3, as follows: 1 =
NTT Lecturer; 2 = T/TT Assistant Professor; 3 = T/TT Associate Professor; 4 = T/TT Professor. NTT Lecturers are
on annual term contracts and are not expected to perform research or service, only librarianship and teaching.
Library branches included: Main campus and branch libraries.
Library branches included: Arts & Sciences Libraries, the Music Library, and Special Collections (University
Archives, The Poetry Collection and Rare & Special Books).
Library branches included: Main Campus Library, Science & Technology Library, and Geology & Math Libraries.
Library branches NOT included: College Reading Rooms.
Library branches included: Ambler Library, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Science &
Engineering Library, and Paley Library. [Main Library]
Library branches NOT included: Harrisburg, Social Science Data Library, Temple Japan (Tokyo) and Temple
Rome (Italy). [Main Library]
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