154 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2013–2014
Business Library, The Military Museum Library and Archives, Education Library (Doucette), and Downtown
Campus Library.
Library branches NOT included: Knowledge Resource Services, U of C.
All salaries reflect an across the board merit adjustment as individual merit reviews do not take place until
October but are retroactive to July 1, 2013.
Library branches included: General Library: Doe, Moffitt, Bancroft, Anthropology, Art History/Classics,
Astronomy- Mathematics- Statistics, Bioscience and Natural Resources, Business & Economics, Chemistry,
C.V. Starr East Asian Library (including Center for Chinese Studies), Earth Sciences, Education- Psychology,
Engineering, Environmental Design, Music, Optometry, Physics, Public Health (including Health Sciences
Information Services, and Occupational & Environmental Health), and Social Welfare libraries and the Northern
Regional Library Facility.
Library branches NOT included: Affiliated Libraries: Architecture Visual Resources Library/CED Visual
Resources Center, Continuing Education of the Bar, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, Environmental
Design Archives, Ethnic Studies Library, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics, Institute of
Governmental Studies, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, and Institute of Transportation
Studies. Also excluded are various departmental libraries: e.g., French, History, Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Slavic
Languages and Literature.
Beginning 2004-05, UCB salary figures include administrative stipends, where applicable.
Beginning professional salary for 2013–14 is $47,544 for bargaining-unit represented librarians. New contract not
yet ratified. Non-bargaining-unit librarians’ beginning professional salary is $48,492.
Library branches included: Peter J. Shields Library (Davis Campus) and Physical Sciences & Engineering Library
(Davis Campus). [Main Library]
Library branches included: Carlson Health Sciences Library (Davis Campus) and Blaisdell Medical Library
(Sacramento). [Health Science Library]
Library branches included: Main.
Library branches included: Arts Library, College Library (Undergraduate), Eugene & Maxine Rosenfeld
Management Library, Music Library, Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library, Science & Engineering Library,
Social Sciences & Humanities Library, Southern Regional Library Facility. Includes data for 12 affiliated libraries
on the UCLA campus including the 1) American Indian Studies Center, 2) Ralph M. Bunche African American
Studies Center, 3) Asian American Studies Center, 4) Chicano Studies Research Center, 5) Ethnomusicology
Archive, 6) Film & Television Archive, 7) Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Department
of Information Studies, 8) Institute for Social Science Research, 9) Latin American Center/Hispanic American
Periodicals Index, 10) Olive View Medical Center, 11) Grace M. Hunt English Reading Room, and 12) William
Andrews Clark Memorial Library.
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