136 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2013–2014
HDRBM Head, Rare Book/Manuscripts Department/Special Collections
HDREF Head, Research/Reference Department/Information or Learning
HDOTH Head, Other Department/Service/Agency
ADMSPEC Administrative Specialist
BUSI Budget/Fiscal/Business Manager/Facilities
HUMRES Human Resources/Training/Staff Development
DEV Development/Advancement
ADMIN Administrative support, Marketing/Communication/IP Permissions
DIGITALSPEC Digital Specialist
ITS Information Technology Systems
ITW Information Technology Web Development
ITP Information Technology Programming/Application Development
SCHOLAR Scholarly Communications (definition working or promoting Open
Access, providing advice on copyright issues and fair use)
IR Institutional Repository Curator
DIGIACQ Acquires e-resources and manages licensing of electronic resources
DIGICUR Creates and curates digital collections in sciences, social sciences,
humanities, including data-management issues across multiple
SS Digital specialists with subject expertise in humanities, social sciences,
sciences digital humanities, science data specialists, etc.
FSPEC Functional Specialist
ARCH Archivists/Curators (Print and/or digital collections)
ASSESS Assessment, Management Information Systems, Planning
CTL Coordinator, Team Leader (non-supervisory responsibility)
MEDIA Media/Multimedia Specialists (including graphics)
PRES Preservation/Conservation, including digital collections
SSPEC Subject Specialist (may include Specialized Reference, Collection Dev.,
Faculty Liaison, Instruction, Embedded roles, etc.) Clinical librarians
would be included here.
HFA Subject specialist in Humanities/Fine Arts
SCI Subject Specialist in Sciences & Tech.
SBS Subject Specialist in Social/Behavior Sci.
AREA Area Studies Subject Specialist (for those with country, geographic area or
language specialization)
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