Nonuniversity Library Questionnaire and Instructions · 149
reporting the beginning salary, please use a figure that is actually used or likely to be used for
entry-level librarians hired by your library.
8. Salaries should be reported for both full-time and part-time professional positions. However,
salaries for part-time positions should be converted to their full-time equivalents before
reporting; do not report the actual part-time salary paid.
9. Salaries should normally be reported on a 12-month basis. If an appointment is for 9 or 10
months at the option of the employee, the actual salary paid should be increased to its 12-month
equivalent. However, if appointments of less than 12 months are required by the employer,
report the actual salary paid.
10. The salaries for all professional positions should be included, regardless of whether the
salaries come from regular library budget funds or from special funds such as research grants.
11. The salary figures should be straight gross salary figures. Do not include fringe benefits.
12. Explanatory footnotes to the reported figures may be provided when necessary. Footnotes
will be included in the published survey.
Part II: Data Upload - Individual Data (Microsoft CSV Form)
1. Part II of this survey is a CSV file, where you will indicate the number of filled professional
positions in each salary range for fiscal years 2012-13 and 2013-14.
For the first time this year we have added online validation that requires the file format to be
CSV. You online submission will be successful only if all the required fields are submitted in
CSV. If you run into problems, please do not hesitate to email the files to us. We do not want
the online validation to be an impediment to your successful submission. If you want more
personalized help in submitting the data as a result of this change, do not hesitate to send an
email to and set up a phone call consultation.
2. Obtain the CSV file.
These instructions assume that you have Microsoft Excel available for use and you know how to
save a file in CSV using Excel. If not, or if you have trouble opening the files in CSV, please call
the ARL Statistics and Assessment Program at (202) 296-2296 or email
The template CSV file is available at: This
is a generic, blank form that can hold your data. The file’s name is “sal13nuXXXX.xls”; open the
file and save it to your own computer by choosing “Save As” under the File menu. When saving
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