Footnotes to the ARL Annual Salary Survey, 2013–2014 · 157
Library branches included: Main Library and Architecture Branch Library.
Library branches included: McLaughlin Library.
Library Director assigned rank = 0, Assistant Librarian assigned rank = 1, Associate Librarian assigned
rank = 2, Librarian assigned rank = 3, Non-librarian professionals assigned rank = 9. Seven (7) Non-librarian
professional positions are co-funded by the Library budget (0.52 FTE). Individual rank data have been included
for professional librarians only.
Library branches included: Arboretum, Harvard College Library, Andover-Harvard Theological, Dumbarton
Oaks, Fairbank Center, Philosophy, Reischauer Institute, Ukrainian Research Institute, Cabot Science, Chemistry,
Houghton, Fine Arts, Harvard-Yenching, Loeb Music, Physics, Maps, Tozzer, Judaica, Widener, Lamont, Middle
Eastern, Slavic, Fung, Museum for Comparative Zoology, Loeb Design, Gutman, Baker, Kennedy, Archives,
Schlesinger, SEAS, and News & Public Affairs.
Library branches NOT included: House Libraries, Villa i Tatti, and Center for Bio-Informatics.
Library branches included: University of Hawai’i at Manoa Library.
Library branches included: MD Anderson Library, Architecture and Art Library, Pettey Optometry Library, and
Music Library.
Library branches included: Main Library and Moorland Spingarn Research Center (special collection).
The professional staff increased in size from 15 in 2012–13 to 23 for the current reporting period. One employee
left the library to work with the university’s IT office so this employee’s information is not included, and there
were also adjustments in the years of professional service for two other employees.
Library branches included: The Richard J. Daley Library (“Main” Library). [Richard J. Daley Library]
Library branches included: Library of the Health Sciences - Chicago; Library of the Health Sciences - Peoria;
Library of the Health Sciences - Rockford; Library of the Health Sciences - Urbana. [Library of the Health
Rank structure: 0 - director, associate director, assistant director; 1- instructor or lecturer; 2- assistant professor or
assistant clinical professor; 3 - associate professor or associate clinical professor; 4 - professor; 5 - outside of rank
structure. [Richard J. Daley and Health Sciences libraries]
Library branches included: All main campus branch libraries.
The number of staff for 2013–14 has increased due to increased hiring.
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