146 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2012–2013
Library branches included: Art Library, Ekstrom Library (Main Library), Music Library, and University Archives
& Records Center.
The minimum salary listed is for new hires at the Instructor level. Most of our recent new hires have been at the
Assistant Professor level.
Entry salary listed is for those with MLS only. Entry salary for a new law librarian who also holds the JD is
significantly higher, @$60,000. [Law Library]
Library branches included: Education, Marvin Duchow Music, Schulich Library of Science & Engineering,
Humanities & Social Sciences, Macdonald Campus (Agr & Env.Sci), Rare Books, Hitschfeld Geographic
Information Service, and Islamic. Includes Administrative staff, Collection Services & Library Technology
Services. Professional staff have been included for the first time.
Library branches not included: Life Sciences, Osler Library, the History of Science, and Birks Library (Religious
Library branches included: Mills Library, Innis Library, and Thode Library.
Library branches included: William R Newman Library, Architecture/Fine Arts Library, Elizabeth Dafoe
Library, Donald W. Craik Engineering Library, Albert D. Cohen Management Library, Eckhardt-Gramatte Music
Library, St. John’s College Library, Fr. Harold Drake Library, and Sciences and Technology Library.
Library branches included: Includes Science and Engineering Library and the Image Collection Library.
Library branches included: Richter (main), Music, Architecture, Business, and Marine.
Library branches included: Area Programs; Art, Architecture, and Engineering; Asia; Askwith Media; Biological
Station; Buhr Remote Shelving Facility; Clark; Digital Media Commons; Fine Arts Library; Hatcher Graduate;
Learning & Teaching; Learning & Teaching Academic Technology Group; Learning & Teaching Digital Media
Commons; Learning & Teaching Learning Programs & Initiatives; Learning & Teaching Technology Integration
Group; Learning & Teaching User Information & Discovery Services; Library Information Technology;
Museums; Music; Papyrology; Publishing Production; Shapiro Science; Shapiro Undergraduate; Special
Collections; Sumner and Laura Foster Library; University of Michigan Press; and University Reserves.
Library branches not included: Kresge Business Administration, Clements, Bentley, Gerald Ford, Mardigian
(Dearborn campus), Thompson (Flint), and UM Transportation Research Institute.
Salaries for the Main and Health Science Libraries are as of September 1, 2012.
The beginning salary is $49,000 for librarians with MLS and without JD. Beginning salary with MLS and JD is
$62,000. [Law Library]
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