122 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2012–2013
Access, providing advice on copyright issues and fair use)
IR Institutional Repository Curator
DIGIACQ Acquires e-resources and manages licensing of electronic resources
DIGICUR Creates and curates digital collections in sciences, social sciences,
humanities, including data-management issues across multiple
FSPEC Functional Specialist
ARCH Archivists/Curators (Print and/or digital collections)
ASSESS Assessment, Management Information Systems, Planning
CTL Coordinator, Team Leader (non-supervisory responsibility)
MEDIA Media/Multimedia Specialists (including graphics)
PRES Preservation/Conservation, including digital collections
SSPEC Subject Specialist (may include Specialized Reference, Collection Dev.,
Faculty Liaison, Instruction, Embedded roles, etc.) Clinical librarians
would be included here.
CAT/METADATA Catalogers, and metadata analysts, both general and specialized
RES/REF/INSTR General research, reference and instruction librarians (typically for
undergraduate students); include instructional technology here; no
collection development responsibilities.
PUBS Public Services, non-supervisory, except reference librarians
TECH Technical Services, non-supervisory, except catalogers
The position categories used in this survey are intended to correspond roughly with the
nomenclature activities carried on in libraries, not with any particular pattern of staff organization.
Please use these categories in the manner you feel best applies to your library. If any individual
has responsibilities described by more than one of the above categories, choose the category that is
most typical of his/her general duties.
Associate or Assistant Director, or Head, Other Branch. Use this code for all persons responsible
for the management of a separate facility, regardless of the area of specialty. If an assistant or
associate director is also head of a department in such a facility, choose the category that most
reflects the general duties of the person currently in the position.
Department Heads. Department Heads not specifically included in the above list should be
included under the category “Head, Other Department/Service/Agency.” Head, Catalog
Department should be used either for the department that handles all cataloging, or for the head of
a specialized cataloging unit (e.g. copy cataloging or foreign languages). List the head of library
technology and computer systems, applications, programming, etc. as HDCOMP unless that
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