University Library Questionnaire and Instructions · 119
Report salaries for both full-time and part-time professional positions. Salaries for part-time
positions should NOT be converted to their full-time equivalents. Report the actual part-time
salary paid and indicate the percent appointment for that employee in the appropriate column.
Include salaries for all professional positions, regardless of whether the salaries come from
regular library budget funds or from special funds such as research grants. Please include all
professionals involved in the provision of library services, including contract-supported
The salary figures should be straight gross salary figures. Do not include fringe benefits.
Provide explanatory footnotes to the reported figures, when necessary, at the end of Part I.
Footnotes will be included in the published survey, where appropriate.
After all data have been entered, make a backup copy of the complete file for your
institution’s master file. Your backup should include individual names/ID numbers. NOTE:
The data submitted to ARL should NOT include individual names/ID numbers, so ARL will
NOT be able to supply a copy of your institution’s complete file next year.
Please return the questionnaire by August 31, 2012. Be sure to keep a complete copy of your
submission, including the electronic version of the data for your files.
Part I: Institutional Information (Microsoft Word Form)
1. Part I of this survey deals with general information for the current fiscal year, 2012-13.
2. Include the Beginning Professional Salary for Law and Medical libraries if included in the
survey and you have edit rights to their form.
3. The Beginning Professional Salary is the salary that would be paid to a newly hired
professional without experience, not necessarily the lowest professional salary paid. In reporting
the beginning salary, please use a figure that is actually used or likely to be used for entry-level
librarians hired by your library, even if it is your practice rarely to hire entry-level professionals
without experience.
4. Please report the 2012-13 Beginning Professional Salary to the best of your knowledge as it exists
on July 1, 2012. Do not delay returning your survey with the expectation that more information
will be available later.
5. The 2012-13 Average and Median Salary figures will be calculated by ARL from the individual
data supplied.
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