124 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2012–2013
Administrators and Staff Development Officers Discussion Group to break down the
Functional Specialist category. For each position which would have been labeled FSPEC
prior to 2004-05, instead please use one of the five sub-codes (ARCH, ASSESS, CTL,
MEDIA, PRES) to describe that position. If you cannot determine which sub-code to use,
please use the FSPEC code.
5.Please indicate “Sex” with the letter M or F, indicating male or female, respectively.
6. “OEOCat” minority status code, for U.S. university libraries only, should be indicated with one
of the following code numbers. (Leave blank if a Canadian library):
1 = Black
2 = Hispanic
3 = Asian or Pacific Islander
4 = American Indian or Native Alaskan
5 = Caucasian/Other
7. “YrsExp,” or total years of professional experience. For most professional staff members this
will mean counting the years since the MLS degree was awarded. When counting, do not subtract
interim periods when an individual was not engaged in professional library employment if these
periods are short in relation to the overall professional career. Count an academic year contract
period as a full year. Be sure to include professional experience in previous positions and in other
institutions. The figure should be rounded off to the nearest whole number; for example, a
position with 14.5 years of experience would appear as 15.
8. Indicate “Rank” using the following system of codes:
0 The library director. Some systems also use 0 for assistant and/or associate directors.
1 Lowest level in the rank structure, such as an entry-level position.
2-8 Successively higher levels; for example, 5 indicates a higher rank than 2.
9 Rank cannot be determined, or, the individual is outside the organization’s rank structure.
NOTE: These codes are meant to be guides only. Do not recode your rank system into an 8 level
system if your rank system does not have eight levels. Please code each employee with his or her
actual rank at your institution. When coding the library director as "0", do not add or subtract a
level to or from your ranking system.
Responses concerning rank should be limited to professional librarians, and other professionals
who occupy the same ranks as librarians. Leave the rank column blank for professionals who do
not occupy these ranks or if the column is not applicable. For example, if the Library Business
Officer holds a rank typically used for university administrators but not for librarians, do not
supply a rank code for that individual, even if you have included salary and other data.
If multiple ranking structures are used for librarians and these structures are substantially different
and not equivalent, enter individual rank information only for that group which represents the
largest fraction of “rank-and-file” librarians.
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