144 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2012–2013
Library branches included: Main Branch, Engineering, and Science.
Library branches not included: Music; Career Center; Art (Ringling); School of Library and Information Studies;
Panama City, FL Branch; and Panama City, Panama Branch.
Library branches included: Main Library, Science Library, Map Library, Student Learning Center, Special
Collections Library, Curriculum Learning Center Library, and several reading rooms and experiment stations
libraries located around the State of Georgia.
Library branches included: Main Library and Architecture Branch Library.
Library branches included: Main Campus Libraries: McLaughlin Library.
Seven (7) Non-librarian professional positions are co-funded by the Library budget (0.52 FTE). Individual
rank data have been included for professional librarians only. Library Director assigned rank = 0, Assistant
Librarian assigned rank = 1, Associate Librarian assigned rank = 2, Librarian assigned rank = 3, Non-librarian
professionals assigned rank = 9.
Library branches included: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Arnold Arboretum Horticultural Library,
Schlesinger Library, Baker Library, Biblioteca Berenson, Botany Libraries, Cabot Science Library, Chemistry
Library, Development Office Library, Dumbarton Oaks, Ernst Mayr Library, Fine Arts Library, Fung Library,
Gordon McKay Library and Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, Grossman Library, Harvard Kennedy School
Library, Harvard University Archives, Harvard-Yenching Library, Houghton Library, Lamont Library, Loeb
Design Library, Loeb Music Library, Monroe C. Gutman Library, Physics Research Library, Tozzer Library,
Widener Library, Wolbach Library, Weissman Preservation Center, and Harvard Library.
Salaries of DIRLIB, ASCDIR, and ASTDIR reflect temporary 5% executive salary reduction. Salaries of
professionals not ranked do not reflect 5% supplemental time off reduction.
Library branches included: MD Anderson Library, Architecture and Art Library, Music Library, and Weston A.
Pettey Optometry Library.
Library branches included: The data for the main library includes the special collection, Moorland Spingarn
Research Center.
Two of the professionals included in the previous salary survey are no longer at Howard University. A new
library director began his tenure on February 26, 2012. He serves as chief executive for both the general
University Libraries and the unique special collection known as the Moorland Spingarn Research Center.
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