59 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 key regions.”55 According to Global Diversity Practice (GDP), “The toolkit was built to be dynamic, highly relevant and business focused as well as being transferable to all areas of the business from sales and marketing to the bottling plants. CCE trainers were trained to deliver in a memorable fashion the toolkit included a deck with full trainer notes and a set of diversity sound bites.” The focus of the strategy was to develop “competence and confidence” of executive leadership in order to ensure that Coca-Cola Enterprises demonstrated inclusive leadership and would “produce business results and effective management of talent in all its diversities.” The format included a one-day workshop with three- and six-month follow-ups focused on accountability, unconscious bias, and gender. A notebook was also provided that included tips and techniques that participants could consult as needed. This program was designed to incorporate the “Heart, Head, and Hands” model56 and “D&I Window.” Desired Outcome Leaders across all areas “are capable of understanding, valuing and managing differences effectively.” Learning Outcomes “Articulating the business case for Diversity and Unconscious Bias” “Understanding the Unconscious Bias mechanism” “Developing behaviour and practices consistently fair, inclusive and proactive” “Creating a gender bilingual working environment Action Planning for change”
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