50 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit is a “10-week online course for anyone in a formal or informal leadership or managerial role who wants to have inclusive and practical tools for maximizing workforce performance.”31 Pricing for The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit is $2,250 for individuals from non-profit organizations and $4,500 for individuals from for-profit organizations. Groups should contact DJA for custom pricing.32 The components of The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit are listed below. Each topic covered includes an overview of relevant language, why a concept is important, current trends, and ends with a module summarizing the content and how to apply the concept(s) in practice. The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit Week 1: Managers are the Key Your Changing Role Inclusive Skills Inclusive Language Your Behavioral Preferences Privilege Ally-ship and Anti-Oppression Leadership Philosophy Week 2: Executive Skills Emotional Intelligence Cultural Competence Find and Use Your Voice Communicating across Cultures Power and Influence Strategic Thinking and Acting Week 3: Transition Week This week will allow space for reflection and application of the material from the first two weeks, along with additional live sessions with DJA faculty
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