54 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 ADAPT (Anticipate, Drive, Accelerate, Partner, Trust) Anticipate: Demonstrate contextual intelligence to make quick judgments and create opportunities focus on the societal needs that the organization wants to serve provide a direction to unify collective efforts even among disoriented environments. Drive: Energize people by fostering a sense of purpose manage the mental and physical energy of themselves and others nurture a positive environment to keep people hopeful, optimistic, and intrinsically motivated. Accelerate: Manage the flow of knowledge to produce constant innovation and desired business outcomes use agile processes, quick prototyping, and iterative approaches to rapidly implement and commercialize ideas. Partner: Connect and form partnerships across increasingly permeable functional and organizational boundaries enable the exchange of ideas combine complementary capabilities to enable high performance. Trust: Form a new relationship between the organization and the individual that centers on mutual growth integrate diverse perspectives and values help individuals to uncover their sense of purpose and facilitate them in providing their maximum contribution. Leadership Accelerator Portfolio The Leadership Accelerator Portfolio’s Diversity & Inclusion section includes 13 learning opportunities: A Taste of D&I Activators Building Trusting Relationships (eLearning) Conscious Inclusion (eLearning or in-person) Creating an Inclusive Experience Faststart Pairs Getting Started: Real Talk Inclusive Hiring
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