16 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 As corollary, it is also necessary to reassess preconceptions of the purpose of students’ use of library spaces on university campuses. A group of students watching videos on their laptops can appear to be nonacademic or out of step with the intention of library spaces for patrons’ use, yet redefining our ideas of student success might lead us to recognize that, for example, for commuter students—a very large contingent of the undergraduate student population at UIC—finding a safe place on campus to go between classes and taking a break to watch their favorite television series can mean the difference between the student staying on campus and attending their late afternoon class or leaving campus early and skipping the class because they have nowhere they feel welcome to go. Academic librarians first and foremost recognize that their role is to support the academic success of their students, but student success is contingent on straddling two worlds—the academic and the social. The library is an integral part of the academic landscape, offering essential services and access to materials that make learning and teaching possible, but the library is also a social destination for the entire community that is essential to academic life on campus. This second, overlooked facet of the library’s role on campus is absolutely essential to the university as a whole, further evidenced by the fact that universities heavily invest in and support a wide range of campus life initiatives as well as student organizations. It is for this reason that we have actively chosen to engage in holistic approaches as well as understand the need for assessment measures that will accompany our redefined articulations of student success. Conceptualizing Programming for the UEP The success of the UEP rests on the development of relationships in and outside of our library as well as the creation of library-led programming and programmatic partnerships. In moving forward with a holistic approach to student success, we know that we have to actively partner with campus organizations to meet our goals. Partnerships with other offices on campus provide a multitude
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