19 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 our larger efforts of diversifying the library’s collections. By involving relevant liaison librarians in the process as well, we work to highlight titles in our collection relevant to the content of these films, which has in turn made bare any glaring omissions in our collections, thereby giving us insight into relevant purchases to expand the diversity of our collections. This has been particularly relevant as we strive to select titles that are written in #ownvoices (that is, for example, books on Indigeneity written by Indigenous authors rather than non-Indigenous authors). In addition to such programming, another aspect of the program is to increase the visibility of diverse populations throughout the library in order to contribute to students’ sense of belonging. In advance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we used the display screens throughout the library to post photographs of Dr. King’s work in Chicago (found in the UIC Library’s archives) and paired them with quotations from Dr. King through using more academically challenging quotations as part of the #ReclaimMLK movement,20 we also incorporated a pedagogical component that expands students’ understanding of this well-known figure’s views outside of whitewashed media portrayals. While our first foray centered around Dr. King, we have since expanded our efforts to include figures such as transgender activist Sylvia Rivera alongside more popular icons, with the goal of teaching through representation. On Critical Librarianship, Inclusive Practices, and DEI Initiatives To those who are not actively involved in inclusive practices, undergraduate engagement—especially when undertaken with our chosen methodology and critical approach—can be contextualized as part of larger diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. This is especially true in the contemporary moment when libraries are devoting considerable time and resources to DEI conversations. Consultants are coming into our institutions to aid in creating DEI plans. Even our conferences are focusing more specifically on DEI concepts indeed, the 2019 ACRL Conference focused on “recasting the narrative,”21 and Robin DiAngelo spoke on white fragility at ALA
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